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Multi Tone Rife Solfeggio Frequency Generator

The Sacred ancient Solfeggio notes can bring miraculous blessings health and wealth into our life through daily use. These are the frequencies used in Ancient Gregorian Chants that church authorities say were lost centuries ago. This unique  software program can combine (optional) the solfeggio notes or other frequencies with quantum radionics.

I have integrated the edit function in the program. If you double click on the specified frequency in the component list, you can edit or add a new frequency to the sound. If you want to make a new sound... right click into the "sounds" list and choose "new". You can also manually copy an existing sound and rename it to name of choice.. and edit from there. PC speaker is not ideal for listening. Better is to hook up your soundcard to your home HIFI system or at least some bigger speakers. Many combinations of sounds with the solfeggio tones are possible. They relate and have effect on conciouness and onto the different chakras in the human body. The supplied sounds are just a few examples. I will add new ones into newer version of program.(updates of the program and new "sounds" will be free for donaters :)).

  Multi Wave Frequency generator 

  Download : Multi Wave Frequency Generator 1.2         Screenshots

The program is great for science and spiritual exploration, and has multifunctional properties. The Symbol source and target pictures (dubble click) to change to your own pictures) work according the "radionic" principle. The vibration/frequency resonates with the source and target pictures to influence a harmonic change in vibration in the quantum field. An extremely important part of the process is the intentionality of the operator, since all Subtle Energy procedures act as amplifiers of intentionality. We now believe that radionic treatment occurs at a level of reality where there is no distance between us. This is a challenging concept, but it is entirely compatible with modern physics and also with the ancient mystic teaching that at some level we are all one, and that at this level exchanges of healing energy can occur.

Especially the 528 Solfeggio Scale frequency (also called love frequency) single or in combination with other frequencies are said to have (DNA) healing properties. Water is especially suited to "memorize" the 528 frequency. You can do this by making your own "clustered water".You can also play the supplied audio file "background.wav", or your own wave file in your MP3 player (set it on loop) to create a ambiant background sound. (use winamp mp3 player). Another effect is to create a so called "standing wave" also known as a "scalar wave". You can do this by creating the same frequency twice but the phase is shift 180 degrees.(anti wave). A scalar wave can act as a "carrier" wave for other frequenties or enhances the effects of soundhealing. * Comes now with Oscilloscope Frequency Analyser Program...
Another application for the software is the possibility to use it as a software "Rife" frequency generator.
This is not vibrational medicine or Solfeggio healing, but requires a cable set and set of electrodes connected to your soundcard. Specific multi Rife frequencies sets (see list on the net) are said to cure a great number of illnesses. You can program and play these frequencies within the software program.
I think i keep the program almost free for now, but a donation (see donate page) is much appreciated... thx ..enjoy...

* Absolute a must have  and listened to product when you love the sacred The Solfeggio Frequencies *

  Solfeggio Sounds

A sensational series of musical compositions based on ancient mathematical scales and legendary frequencies

Perhaps the leading proponent of the miraculous healing power of the ancient 528 Hz Solfeggio note scale is Dr. Leonard Horowitz, world famous author of 15 health science books, and Harvard graduated public health expert. According to Dr. Horowitz, all healing occurs from sonic waves or vibrations, specific frequencies of sound, resonating throughout the universe.




                                         SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES RESOURCES


Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice. Under no circumstance are we suggesting or trying to replace your medicine or therapy, or to convince you that this alternative modality will cure you. No pregnant persons, persons who had a vital organ transplant, persons with a heart risk, people with a heart pace maker, or persons who can not work with good knowledge, skills, and insight to equipment and their health, may operate or apply a RifeMedic device. We can therefore also not guarantee that a RifeMedic device is beneficial to a specific person’s health condition. RifeMedic devices may be used only for personal application and entirely on your own risk and no liability whatsoever will be taken or accepted for any effect, loss, cause, or any other claim of any nature whatsoever.

                                                        Solfeggio Frequency Generator Software

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